Action Required

Nozzle will not fit on to cartridge

Nozzle ports not aligned with cartridge ports

Align ports correctly and twist nozzle on

Dispensing gun fails to pressurize cartridge

Damaged piston slide

Check instructions. Replace slide if necessary

Compound does not bond to Backing Paper

Wrong side of Backing Paper used

Apply to ‘shiny’ side. See Backing Paper instructions

Material cures in the nozzle

Stop/start operation OR nozzle attached for a long period before use

Replace nozzle and proceed without delay

Material does not come out of the nozzle after replacing a previous nozzle

Cartridge ports have cured over

Remove cured material or discard cartridge.

When using a new cartridge the first part of the replica does not cure

Cartridge not primed before attaching nozzle

Prime cartridge before first use. NOTE: Cartridge will work satisfactorily with subsequent nozzles

Material cures too quickly or too slowly

Incorrect grade being used for the ambient temperature

Choose a grade appropriate for the conditions. (see compounds)

Air bubble entrapment

Poor application

Keep the nozzle in contact with the surface. For blind holes place the tip of the nozzle at the bottom of the hole

Replica distorts and resolution is poor when examined microscopically

Replica too soft when removed due to incomplete curing

Extend curing period

Replica surface does not cure

Cure inhibited by surface contamination e.g. grease or oil

Check surface cleanliness

Replica breaks during removal

Severe re-entrant geometry. Replica not completely cured

Allow adequate curing time. Remove slowly applying constant pressure

Excessive voids when using thixotropic materials

Air entrapment due to poor application

Keep the nozzle in contact with the surface. Overlap runs and use Backing Paper

Replica adheres to surface

Mechanical attachment to fibres or porous surfaces

Remove slowly applying constant pressure

Base piston on cartridge leaks

Excessive pressure on dispensing gun due to nozzle blockage

Remove cured material if possible or replace cartridge

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Our troubleshooting guide is also available as a PDF document.

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