Isomark compounds cure to a very high strength and elastic polymer allowing replication and recovery from gun barrels, deep fine marks and even marks with re-entrant geometries. The compounds will also retrieve gun shot residue.

The resulting replicas are highly accurate over their entire length and minute scratch and manufacturing details are clearly visible under microscopic examination.

Recommended compounds for this application

    Ballistics cropped.jpg

    Casting of MG42 Barrel using ISOMARK F-2 black



    Ballistics 1 cropped.jpg

      ISOMARK compounds are strong and elastic enough to be pulled out of               Groove impression of the muzzle end using
      gun barrels without any loss of detail over the entire length of the replica.              F-2 Black.


    Ballistics 2 cropped.jpg


    ISOMARK T-3 Grey pumped downwards into a Browning Hi-Power Barrel (fig 1) and removed after curing (fig 2)





    Ballistics 3 cropped.jpg

                                   Magnification x 20                                                                                                     Magnification x 10

              ISOMARK T-3 Grey cast of the gun barrel compared to the fired bullet. The figure demonstrates that this bullet was fired
              from this barrel

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