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Health & Safety Information

ISOMARK materials present no significant risk to health, are non-flammable and solvent free, and are cleared for all normal methods of transport including air transport.

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265ml Spraying System

The Isomark 265ml Spray System is designed for covering large areas of surface with Isomark impression material. The system comprises a pneumatic dispensing gun, a cartridge of Isomark impression material and a spray head connected to a regulator manifold. Isomark material is delivered to the spray head by operating the trigger on the gun and air is fed to the spray head by opening the isolator valve on the regulator manifold. The spray pattern can be varied by using the needle valve on the regulator manifold to control the air flow to the spray head.

Ordering Information

Initial requirements: 

  • Dispensing Gun 265ml Pneumatic (IG265PS) 
  • Cartridge of ISOMARK compound (specify grade - XF White/XF Black)
  • Spray Head attachment (ISH265)
  • Nozzle Pack (NP265S)

All the above are sold separately. Dispensing guns are fully reusable. Additional cartridges and nozzles can be purchased as required. Once opened, a cartridge can easily be re-sealed simply by leaving the used nozzle in place on the cartridge. To re-use the cartridge it will be necessary to fit a new nozzle.

Important PPE Information:

When this unit is used in conjunction with a spray head attachment it is essential for the operator to wear eye protection and respiratory equipment.

  Code Name Price
View Details for 265ml Cartridge XF Black ICXFB 265ml Cartridge XF Black

Available individually.

View Details for 265ml Cartridge XF White ICXFW 265ml Cartridge XF White

Available individually.

View Details for 265ml Dispensing Gun - Pneumatic IG265PS 265ml Dispensing Gun - Pneumatic

High quality air operated dispenser. Complete with regulator manifold and spray head connection.

View Details for Spray Head attachment ISH265 Spray Head attachment

Re-usable with care.

View Details for Nozzle Pack NP265S Nozzle Pack

10 x 8mm nozzles for spraying. Not re-usable.

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